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Starting Off Your Website Design With a Domain Name

November 30th, 2013

If you want to do your own website design there are a few things you will need to know before you begin. It is possible to do website design without hiring a website design creation firm, you just have to know what needs doing and what to expect from each step.

Before you begin your website design you will need your own domain name. The domain name is the name of the website, like “”. In order to get a domain name for your website you will have to register for that name and you are going to need to pay an annual fee for the privilege of using that domain name. When you get your name you will not have a website you will simply have a name. Think about it like you were about to open a store in your hometown. Before you could open the store you would need to go to the court house and register the name you intended to use for your business. Getting a domain name is like getting a business name for a shop located on Main Street, your hometown.

Your domain name will be the identifier that people use to find you, and tell their friends about you. In your hometown people would tell their friends to go to B & K Buildings on N. Margaret Ave. to shop, but in cyber world they would tell their friends to go to “” to shop. If you have a registered domain name then you keep that name even if you change your website host. People will always find you at your domain name.

Your choice of a domain name is critical to the business you will receive in the future. If you have the name “” because your name is B & K Buildings then when people want to go to your web pages they will remember that B & K was part of your name and they will type that in. If someone else already has the domain name of “” then you cannot have it. If you cannot have that name then people who type into their browser are going to be directed to the other company with that domain name.

If you find that the domain name of is already taken there are things that you can do. You can try and find the other websites owner and offer to buy the name from them, but they are likely not going to want to part with the name they already have established, or you could alter your name just enough to make it possible to distinguish it from the other website.

You could add words like my and the before the name to create a new domain name. If you cannot have then you could try or You can also try placing hyphens in your name; like, for instance. These little changes may make it possible for you to have the name you think your customers will remember.

The domain name is the first step in website design. The domain name is also one of the most important steps in website design. You can get more information at SEO in Orange County and website design in Orange County.

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A Good Domain Name Brings More Sales

November 30th, 2013


In setting up your Internet business, perhaps the most important part of the process is your website. This is where the customers will get the latest information from you as well as to find out what products are available for sale, which ones are no longer for sale, the prices of those products and many more.

The website is also the place where your customers will purchase your product, thus it is important to get your website ready to go online before doing much of anything else.

Let us go over the steps that you need to carry through in order to create your website so that you have a platform ready for your customers to network with you.


Your domain name is the online or Internet address that people will use to get to your website. Thus, if you’re selling paper clip, your domain name might be Sometimes, it might be difficult to find the domain name for exactly what you are selling, but it is very important to get as close as possible, because this will make it easier for the customers to find your website.

So, if you’re selling muffins, you would first try the domain name If this one is already taken up by others, then you might add your name to it and make it, say In any case, you have to avoid using funny characters or incorrect spellings because that will make it harder for customers to find you.

Having said all that, the closer the domain name is to your business name and what you’re selling, the better. Another reason it’s more beneficial to find a name closer to your product name or business name is because it will rank higher in the search engines.

If you’re not highly technical or web-savvy in order to create your own website, after obtaining the domain name, just hire a website builder and have them create a custom site that looks wonderful. You should know that high quality, custom website may get more business than a website that looks like a “hand-made”.

When you’ve purchased your domain name and created your website, you are now ready to start your online business.


When buying a domain name, make sure that you get the shortest one you can that still reflects your business name and the product you are selling.

Do spell the words in the domain name correctly. It is confusing if you use strange spellings.

Do purchase extensions of your domain name along with if possible. You can set these to redirect the customer to through your hosting company.

Do make sure you pay for the domain name rental in advance each month or each year. If you don’t, you could risk losing the domain name to others who want to use the same name.


When you purchase your domain name, do not use strange characters or letters, as it will make it more difficult to rank in search engine listings and more difficult for customers to find your website.

Do not make a super-long domain name. Try to keep it below 20 characters if possible.


In order for you to set up an online business, you will need a memorable, recognizable and relevant domain name to match with your website. Please remember, there shouldn’t be any strange characters or funny spellings in your domain name.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to create a website, for you can engage a website builder to build it for you at an affordable cost. I am talking through experience!

Choosing a powerful domain name is an important step in starting an Internet business. Make it short, easy to remember and spell. I am selling an e-Book, thus my domain name reflects my product, such that my website is

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What’s in a Name? Finding the Best Domain Names for Your Business

November 30th, 2013

If you are just starting out, you’ll know that a having a good business name is a great way to get you out of relative obscurity. Your business name should be able to aptly represent what your company is all about and something that people will easily remember since establishing recall is your next most important step and the most crucial factor you have to deal with.

This is basically the same premise practiced with online businesses as well. While they have the added advantage of a wider audience and bigger chances of being seen and checked out because people are logged onto cyberspace all the time, they still need to be able to brand themselves and make their mark for their customers to keep coming back for more. After all, they only have three seconds to grab and keep their customers attention before they move on to the next site. Their domain names need to be exactly that – dominating and strong over a vast customer base.

So what exactly are domain names and how important are they for online businesses? Domain names are identification strings used in various networking contexts, specifically for application naming and addressing purposes. They represent an Internet Protocol resource like a personal computer used to access the internet, a server used to host a website or any other service communicated via the internet.

Domain names affect your brand, whatever you are all about – whether you’re selling paper clips or designing web pages. So the first rule of finding domain names is that it should be something you are comfortable with and should preferably be your company name since your company name with after it is how customers will search for you online. Keeping it short and easy to remember allows customers to remember you better than some creatively contrived that may sound good but doesn’t make for easy recall.

In the same light, remember to keep your domain name short and sweet. Even if domain names can be as long as 67 characters, keeping it no longer than 20 characters long will help customers remember you better. Your customers will need to type in your domain name and it really won’t go over well if they have to type in kilometric names. They might just end up chucking you for your competition that has a shorter domain name. Adding special characters like hyphens, camel case or dashes is OK but you must try checking the domain name with the dashes removed as it may turn out to be a competitor’s domain name.

Adding a location to your domain name doesn’t only help you find an available name, it also helps your customers find you easily via local searches. Local searches are done when potential customers want to check if there are specific businesses operating within their town or city. Also, in an attempt to stand out from the competition, some companies will resort to using jargon or words closely associated with the nature of their business. This is OK if you have the budget to make your name a household word, but if not then it’s still recommended you go with a name that is already familiar.

Having a good domain name is like playing a good game of mnemonics with customers. The more they are able to associate your domain name with your brand, the more traffic is driven to your site, the more sales it will turn out for you. While unique can win you points for originality, it is still familiarity that will win the race at the end of the day.

Choose the best domain names for your business when you find domain names search tools on Strengthen your brand and keep your customers coming back for more.

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Email Troubleshooting

September 13th, 2012

Sometimes I am asked by companies to become an email troubleshooter for them. Normally this happens when an email campaign has gone a bit pear-shaped and results haven’t been what they were hoping for. This can be where the company has tried to manage the email campaign internally without professional advice or have tried to do it on the cheap. Upon investigation my findings are usually quite simple. A complete lack of attention to detail!

It always surprises me that some email marketing campaigns and even newsletters for that matter, can contain issues such as distorted or missing images, broken links or links that lead you in the wrong direction. How frustrating is it when you have had your interest ignited by an email, wanted to know more about the specifics, and then get directed to the general homepage? Shall I tell you, very frustrating!

I urge anybody reading this article that if you are constructing an email campaign, make sure that all your images and links can be accounted for. Try something radical and test the email before you send it to your database!!  Sorry if that sounds facetious but it’s amazing how many people don’t! The main thing you will damage by sending out an unchecked email is your credibility and reputation so a little care is required.

Another minor irritation of mine is personalisation. I have witnessed companies with huge powerful databases who have a lot of information about their customers through sophisticated CRM systems and still send out email marketing campaigns stating ‘Dear sir/madam.’ It’s enough to make you weep! It doesn’t take a great deal of care and attention to personalise an email campaign so make sure that you do this.

Something else for your consideration. Designing your email marketing for mobile is a wise move with many people now accessing their messages through mobile devices. The key to success however is making sure that the experience remains mobile. In other words, if you include a link to your website in your email it would be a much better experience for the recipient if they can easily read and navigate your website on mobile as well. Failure to do this could lead to your customer getting frustrated and not bother carrying on, which is a shame if they were ready to make a purchase!

Finally, get to the point! I have seen some email marketing letters written on for ages about how good their product or service is and don’t make a call to action early enough. Your customers or potential customers do not have enough time to read loads of text, download complex images, navigate slow landing pages or answer a million and one questions on a customer survey. Cut to the chase and you will see better results.

If you would like help in creating an ‘error-free’ email marketing strategy that is succinct and relevant for your customers then please contact Hayley Cashmore on 0845 116 2723 or email

Three Spires Consulting founder, Hayley Cashmore, has a real passion for email marketing and has spent in excess of 7 years, specialising in both email and digital marketing. She has first hand experience and a thorough understanding of the power of email marketing and its synergy and influence over other, primary digital marketing channels, such as your website, mobile SMS, social media and SEO etc… This extensive knowledge has been gained as a result of working closely with many leading, household brands, across all vertical markets, over many years.

So, if you need help with your Email and Digital Marketing, then contact us now for further information 0845 1162723

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11 Sure Fire Techniques to get Your Email in My TRASH Folder

September 11th, 2012

With that in mind, here are some highly effective methods to get your email advertisement, that you worked so hard on, sent straight to my trash folder thanks to my awesome filtering software:

With that in mind, here are some highly effective methods to get your advertisement, that you worked so hard on, sent straight to my trash folder thanks to my awesome filter:

  • Your email address looks like gibberish or appears to be coded as in,,, or . .I don’t know you – TRASH!
  • Your email address is “from:” email address is blank. You are definitely a spammer. I don’t correspond with anyone who doesn’t have an email address. . .I don’t know you – TRASH!
  • If your email subject contains references to enhancing any anatomical part of my body. . .That’s just plain nasty! – TRASH!
  • Oh by the way, since I’m a male, add female “enhancements” to that list. . .TRASH!
  • I know who I communicate with, so if your subject begins with “Re:”I don’t know you – TRASH!
  • If anywhere in your email, you have the statement that’s similar to “Under Bill s.1618 TITLE III passed by the 105th U.S. Congress this letter cannot be considered spam…”TRASH! Again, if you have to say it, then it’s spam! Do your research. The bill never passed. Also, last time I checked, U.S. laws don’t apply to other countries.
  • If anywhere in your email, you have a statement that begins with “This email is not spam…”. . .

    TRASH! If you have to say it, then it’s spam!

    Ok, your ad initially made it pass my “trigger-happy” filter. Good deal, but you’re still not quite there yet. Here’s how to get your ad tossed in the trash after a sneak peak before it makes it into my in box:

  • Your message has nothing to do with the subject of the email.TRASH! That earns you an instant delete without reading! Even if you offer a useful product, the fact that you deceived me gets you nothing.
  • If you send me a multi-part message with few random sentences, but your HTML message is an advertisement. . .TRASH! You tried to trick me. That’s not nice! I absolutely refuse to do business with “sneaky” people.
  • If your email requires me to reply with “remove” to a free email account like yahoo or hotmail to be removed from your list. . .

    TRASH! Your account has probably already suspended. Or are you simply trying to confirm my email address doesn’t bounce so you can sell it to someone else. See above for my feelings about “sneaky” people. You despise me!

  • If anywhere in your email, you promise that I can earn money with little or no work -

    TRASH! Don’t insult my intelligence.

    There you have it. 11 sure fire techniques to NOT get your email advertisement read. Use them wisely and best of luck. Learn effective email marketing techniques today! Thank you. I feel better now that I have that off my chest.

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