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Content Management System (CMS)

We have built many Content Management Systems (CMS) for our clients both in Bangkok, Thailand and for clients overseas. A Content Management System (CMS) enables you to manage (add and edit) the content of your website easily and efficiently, whilst eliminating many web maintenance costs. This differs to the traditional Ε’static’ website that relies on web programming knowledge to make changes to your website.

Why should you use a Content Management System to publish your website?

  • Well the answer is not everybody is familiar with HTML, PHP & databases and not everybody wants to be bothered with all the technical issues involved with building a website and looking after a web server
  • It also gives you control over your site so you can edit content as and when you want and you can do it yourself without having to rely on others
  • It is very cost effective
  • Is SEO friendly

What exactly is a Content Management System ?

A Content Management System, or CMS, is an Application just like Microsoft Word. So if you can use Microsoft Word you’ll be able to publish content using a CMS.

  • We deploy Content Management Systems on our own web server.
  • We set everything up for you – you have no need to concern yourself with the ‘techy’ stuff’
  • We design bespoke templates, designed to your branding/company requirements

So is it easy…

  • You type or ‘copy & paste’ your content into a Rich Text Editor in your browser
  • You upload your images to the web server via your browser
  • You group your content into categories of your choice
  • No need to learn about FTP, HTML, FORMS, SCRIPTS, etc

Whatever your CMS requirements are, we’ll advise and build the right system for you. Unlike most web designers, we’re not tied to one CMS system. We’ll use the most appropriate and cost effective system. So you can relax and let your website work for you.

For some example of our work please go to portfolio section of this site.

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